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504 STITCHES partners with CCRS, a local church, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with every purchase. It is not uncommon for children from low-income families to struggle gaining access to education or basic medical care due to a lack of finances or resources. Even the basic necessities of providing school uniforms or daycare are hard to come by. This is where CCRS comes in. They provide annual medical mobile clinics to provide children with check-ups and vaccines, backpacks full of school supplies and uniforms, a daycare program for preschool age children and most importantly integrate spiritual values into every service they provide.

504 STITCHES commits a portion of their profits to help out with the financial burdens of CCRS and any other needs that may arise. Every order counts (Custom Embroidery, Engraving or Greek Apparel)

Children in this community are born into poverty and social exclusion, but with your help we are a part of the change.

With every 504 STITCHES purchase, you're taking a stand too. For the issues of today, and for a better tomorrow.

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